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2315 Cliffbourne Place N.W.

March 23, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

An early afternoon blaze in an Adams Morgan area english basement challenged DC firefighters Friday, March 23rd.

The fire began in a three story row house at 2315 Cliffbourne Place NW, when flames erupted while a man was working on his motor scooter in the basement of the home.

Engine 21, the first arriving engine, made a quick interior attack before the fire could spread further.

Two civilians were safely removed from the first floor, and several evaluated by EMS.

A working fire dispatch was sounded.

1259 4th Street N.E.

March 17, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

For the second time in recent months, a potentially major fire in the Florida Avenue wholesale market complex was defeated by very aggressive firefighting tactics.

The most recent blaze erupted around 9:45 PM, on Saturday, March 17, in a large, two story warehouse style building at 1259 4th Street NE, which contains several wholesale establishments. First arriving units found fire showing from the roof area.

A working fire dispatch was sounded as firefighters fought to gain entry into the tightly secured structure. Once inside, they found flames engulfing a novelty store with a very high fire load.

Despite heavy smoke and other severe conditions, hand lines moved in and were enable to contain and control the blaze. Once that was accomplished, it took a major effort to clear the heavy smoke from the building.

All searches were negative, and there were no reported injuries.

3133 Connecticut Avenue N.W.

March 15, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

The old adage “expect the unexpected” once again proved itself true at what first appeared a routine vehicle fire Thursday afternoon, March 11.

Engine 21 was initially dispatched for a van on fire outside the garage entrance of the Kennedy Warren apartment complex at 3133 Connecticut Avenue NW. They arrived to find the vehicle fully engulfed.

As firefighters began their attack, they encountered problems with a burning magnesium block. Than, the fuel tank suddenly ruptured, sending a river of blazing gasoline straight down the driveway into the building’s garage.

The Captain of Engine 21 quickly requested the box to be filled, as the company fought to contain the spreading flames. They were assisted by activated sprinkler heads just inside the garage doorway.

With the arrival of additional companies, the fire was contained and extinguished. The garage was checked for extension, but there was only smoke and cosmetic damage from the intense heat of the blazing fuel.

A working fire dispatch was sounded before the incident was declared under control.

Potentially Explosive Situation 500 F Street N.W.

March 13, 2012: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Around 1700 hours as Rescue Squad 1 was returning to quarters from another emergency call , while approaching their quarters they noticed a heavy odor of propane gas in the area, they immediately investigated. What they found in the rear of their quarters was a pizza truck with propane tanks had been overfilled, they requested the full Haz-Mat response.

At first it was determined that tank could not be emptied, do to the construction of the truck, it could have caused an explosion.

After surveying the situation it was found they could bleed the tank with the help of fog patterns held steady on the propane tank itself. The incident was cleared in about 2 hours.

Fire On Board The Odyssey III

March 9, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo & Gary Pomeroy

A ship fire is not what DC firefighters routinely encounter, but such was the case on Friday night, March 9th. It was shortly before 9 PM when the Office of Unified Communications received several calls reporting smoke and flames visible from the cruise vessel Odyssey III, moored at its Water Street SW dock.

Units arrived to find that repair work being done on the vessel had ignited insulation in the engine room, with fire in an exhaust duct. Lines were brought into place to hit the flames from both above and below, a tactic that proved successful in confining and extinguishing the blaze. The only occupants of the vessel were workers and crew, and there were no injuries.

1401 Buchanan Street N.W.

March 8, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

Fourth Battalion firefighters battled a working fire in the Petworth neighborhood Thursday evening, March 8th.

Fire erupted in a two story home at 1401 Buchanan Street NW, which also contained a store on the ground level facing 14th Street.

The structure's unusual layout created some initial difficulty in locating the seat of the blaze. Flames were found enveloping a room on the second floor, and were then quickly contained.

A working fire dispatch was called in to assist box alarm companies. There were no injuries.

Rescue At Foggy Bottom Metro

March 8, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

DC firefighters raced against time to remove a man trapped under a metro train at the Foggy Bottom station on Thursday, March 8th.

The call was received around 2:15 PM for a person struck by a train on Track 1 at the station. Units arrived to find an adult male under the second car.

Power was immediately cut, and the members of Rescue Squad 1 crawled beneath the train to begin rescue efforts. Assisted by Squad 2 and other units on the scene, the victim was removed and rushed to nearby George Washington Hospital with CPR in progress.

906 F Street N.W.

March 6, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

A white powder incident in a downtown DC eatery brought a large contingent from DC Fire Monday evening, March 5th.

The incident took place at 906 F Street NW, where the substance spilled out of an envelope in an establishment full of patrons.

The initial hazmat assignment was augmented by the mass decon task force, due to the possible need to decontaminate a large number of people.

Fortunately, that option proved unnecessary, as all readings of the powder proved negative for any danger.

214 V Street N.E.

March 4, 2012: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

One civilian suffered serious smoke inhalation after their Northeast home caught fire on Sunday afternoon, March 4th.

The blaze involved a two story row dwelling at 214 V Street NE, and was reported shortly before 2:30 PM.

The flames engulfed the second floor rear and extended slightly into the attic before being brought under control.

There was no extension to the attached exposures.

836 21st Street N.E.

March 2, 2012: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy Tom Aurnhammer

The Second Battalion kept up its busy pace with a working fire dispatch on Friday evening, March 2nd.

Firefighters arrived at 836 21st Street NE shortly before 10 PM to find fire on the second floor of a two story dwelling.

The blaze was contained to one bedroom, and was extinguished without injuries to firefighters or civilians.

922 24th Street N.W.


March 1, 2012: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos By Multiple Sources

Fire leaping from a 6th floor window greeted firefighters in the West End section of the city on Thursday, March 1st. The blaze erupted around 3:45 PM in a 10 story occupied apartment building at 922 24th Street NW.

A working fire dispatch was quickly sounded as hand lines were brought into play. Firefighters were able to confine the flames to the apartment of origin, one injured firefighter was taken to a local hospital wih non serious injuries.

1543 hours: Box Alarm: E1, 23, 16, 5, 21, T2, 3, BC6, BC4, R2, B5

WFD: E4, T10, M31, FM212, FM9, AIR1, SAFO, DFCOP



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