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1710 3rd Street N.W.

August 27, 2014: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Firefighters responded for the report of a house on fire at 1710 3rd Street N.W.

Hazmat 1 while returning from a call spotted the smoke from several blocks away responded and went on the scene with heavy smoke showing on arrival.

The fire was located on the top floor of the rowhouse, units got it under control quickly. One firefighter did suffer minor injuries, there were no other injuries reported.

Another quick stop and great job by the firefighters of the District of Columbia.

This event will be held at the PG Shoot Club 10400 Good Luck Rd. Glenn Dale MD.

4001 Gault Place N.E.

August 25, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

A Northeast DC home was heavily damaged by fire not long after midnight on Monday, August 25th.

Flames were roaring from the first floor of the two story dwelling at 4001 Gault Place NE when first due box alarm companies arrived on the scene. A working fire dispatch was sounded as the blaze quickly spread to the second floor.

It took about thirty minutes of hard firefighting to bring the incident under control.

Fatality In Potomac River

August 24, 2014: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Shortly before noon, August 24th, units from D.C., Reagan Airport and Arlington County were dispatched to the George Washington Parkway near Lady Bird Park for the report of a car in the water with persons trapped.

D.C.'s Fireboat and the MPD Dive Unit reported a car in the water about 200 yards downstream from where the car reportedly went off the Parkway.

Divers assisted by land units searched the river and found the car with a person inside. The one victim was extricated and was determined to be a fatality.

700 17th Street N.W.

August 24, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Smoke was seen rising near the White House on the 200th anniversary of its burning by British troops in the war of 1812, but the English were nowhere in sight on this Sunday, August 24th.

The smoke was coming from a blazing vehicle in the 700 block of 17th St. NW, a short distance from the presidential mansion. While it's location brought a lot of attention from authorities and the hordes of tourists, the car fire was just another routine incident for DC firefighters, and was quickly extinguished.

Street Car Emergency Drill

August 24, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

In preparation for their public use, DC Fire and several other city agencies participated in a streetcar emergency drill on Sunday, August 24th.

The simulation involved one of the rail cars broad siding a vehicle in the 1200 block of H Street NE, with multiple casualties and entrapment.

By participating in the scenario, firefighters and staff officers were given the opportunity to better understand the challenges they might face once the light rail line goes into service.

1710 Montello Avenue N.E.

August 22, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Quick work was made of a fire that damaged a Trinidad neighborhood structure Friday night, August 22nd.

The flames broke out around 10:30 PM in theapparently vacant building at‎ 1710 Montello Avenue NE. Engine 10 arrived on the scene with smoke showing.

A working fire dispatch was requested to assist in bringing the blaze under control.

220 P Street N.W.

August 19, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Another collapse incident in the district brought a cave-in assignment to the scene on Tuesday afternoon, August 19th.

The latest event took place around 1:45 PM at 220 P Street NW. Firefighters encountered a two story row dwelling that was being demolished when an unplanned collapse of the roof took place.

It was quickly determined that all workers were accounted for, but the Special ops K-9 also conducted a secondary sweep, which proved negative.

Exposure B did sustain some damage to a rooftop air conditioning unit.

300 Independence Avenue S.W.

August 18, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Scores of tourists got to see DC firefighters in action after a taxi burst into flames near the Capital on Monday afternoon, August 18th.

Flames broke out in the vehicle’s engine compartment as it was traveling in the 300 block of Independence Avenue SW, opposite the Museum of the American Indian.

Engine 13 arrived to find the taxi van heavily involved, laid out a supply line, and made quick work of the blaze.

509 Kenyon Street N.W.

August 17, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

One firefighter was injured while battling a fire in the Pleasant Plains
neighborhood on Sunday night, August 17th.

The blaze was reported around 9:30 PM as a garage fire in the rear of 509 Kenyon Street NW.

A box alarm assignment arrived to find a storage unit well involved. The flames were quickly extinguished without the need to call for additional assistance.

1130 Connecticut Avenue N.W.

August 17, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Unsafe use of power washers in a DC office building created a hazardous condition on Sunday afternoon, August 17th.

A hazmat local was dispatched to 1130 Connecticut Avenue ‎NW after several workers reported feeling sick. Firefighters took air readings and found high levels of CO, due to equipment being run in an unventilated garage.

Three workers were treated by EMS on the scene, and it took considerable time to air out the large structure.

1014 Rhode Island Avenue N.E.

August 16, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Three civilians and a firefighter had to be taken to the hospital as flames swept through a home in Northeast DC on Saturday, August 16th.

Units arrived shortly before 6 AM to find fire engulfing the first floor of a two story, detached frame house at 1014 Rhode Island Avenue NE.
Two civilians who had escaped the home were found on the front porch in need of medical assistance.

A working fire dispatch was sounded as an interior attack commenced. Flames had already extended to the second floor and it took a fierce fire fight to bring the blaze under control. An additional civilian also evaluated and transported, as was one firefighter with minor burns.

120 Adams Street N.W.

August 15, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

An investigation of a possible unstable building resulted in the call for the cave-in task force on Friday evening August 15th.

Truck 4 was initially dispatched to investigate the structure at 120 Adams Street NW. They found the front wall on the second floor of the two story row house missing, and the roof in dangerous condition. They in turn requested the special ops battalion chief.

The special ops battalion surveyed conditions and called for the cave-in task force. Those units did a further evaluation and conducted operations to safely secure the structure.

Congratulations Lieutenant Lee Havens

August, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy Of Captain Angelo Westfield

Scores of fellow firefighters joined their counterparts at Engine 24 and Rescue Squad 2 to honor Lieutenant Lee Havens at his retirement dinner.

Lee's family was also there as he was presented with several plaques and other awards for his 27 years of service to the citizens of the District of Columbia.

Lieutenant Havens was assigned to Engine 24 at the time of his retirement.

2535 High Street S.E.

August 13, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Fire action on the south side of the Anacostia River remained active with a blaze in an Anacostia home Wednesday morning, August 13th.

The fire involved the basement of a two story dwelling at 2535 High Street SE, and was reported around 7:30 AM.

Units on the box and working fire dispatch brought the incident under control in about 20 minutes.

The evening before, many of the same units battled a fire at 532 Atlantic Street SE. A working fire dispatch was also sounded for the blaze, which involved a room on the second floor.

700 Block 55th Street N.E.

August 11, 2014: Story & Photos Courtesy DC Fire & EMS

While on the scene of an earlier house fire, units observed a plume of black smoke in the air several blocks away. Available units raced to the scene to find a shed in flames in the 700block of 55th St. NE. The fire was quickly put out. No injuries.

4933 Burroughs Avenue N.E.

August 11, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy DC Fire & EMS

Firefighters in “The Heights” neighborhood of DC battled two fires a short distance and time apart from each other on Monday, August 11th.

The first broke out around 1 PM in a closed day care center on the first floor of 4933 Burroughs Avenue NE. Fire was encountered in a room on the ground floor, and was confined to that area with a box and working fire dispatch. Searches were negative and no injuries were reported.

While units were overhauling at this incident, a second blaze broke out in a detached shed in the 700 block of 55th street NE, several short blocks away. That fire was extinguished by a local alarm assignment.

4015 D Street S.E.

August 10, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Heavy smoke greeted firefighters arriving at a house fire in Southeast DC on Sunday, August 10th.

The blaze involved a two story occupied dwelling at 4015 D street SE. Units gained entry to find flames in control of the‎ basement.

It took a box and working fire dispatch to control the incident‎.

1610 Park Road N.W.

August 9, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Several people were taken to the hospital after fire gutted an apartment in Columbia Heights Saturday afternoon, August 9th.

Flames erupted in a first floor unit at 1610 Park Road NW around 3:45 PM. It took a box and working fire assignment to bring the blaze in the occupied multi-story building under control.

4117 Southern Avenue S.E.

August 9, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photo Courtesy of DC Fire & EMS

The Special Ops Division of DC Fire remained busy as they responded to their second collapse call of the day on Saturday, August 9th.

This time it was for a report of a car into a building at 4117 Southern Avenue SE. Arriving units encountered a vehicle that had partially embedded itself in a one story, unoccupied commercial building.

Once again, they went to work searching for any possible victims, evaluating structural stability, and securing utilities. With these missions accomplished, the incident was then left in the hands of metropolitan police and the DC building inspector.

1211 10th Street N.W.

August 9, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

DC firefighters were called to the scene of a home that collapsed on Saturday morning, August 9th.

The incident took place at 1211 10th Street NW, a 2.5 story vacant dwelling. A collapse rescue assignment arrived to discover that the rear of the structure had pancaked down, with a portion leaning against the B exposure building. Firefighters evacuated that exposure, controlled the utilities, and conducted a primary search.

DC Fire's search and rescue dog, Cazo, with handler Sergeant Chris Holmes, were called to the scene after eyewitnesses reported three men working around the dwelling prior to its collapse. The secondary sweep by the search dog team also proved negative.

1429 Belmont Street N.W.

August 7, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo, Photos By DC Fire & EMS

Dozens of residents were forced from their homes as fire ripped through a Columbia Heights apartment building on Thursday evening, August 7th.

The two alarm blaze erupted shortly after 6 PM in a four story apartment building at 1429 Belmont Street NW. Engine 9 arrived to find a second floor apartment heavily involved, with fire venting from the windows.

As units engaged in an interior firefight and began knocking down flames in the apartment of origin, they found fire had extended to the floors above and potentially the cockloft, resulting in a request for an additional truck company and then a second alarm.

Firefighters continued to maintain an inside attack and were able to halt any further spread and bring the blaze under control.

Three civilians were evaluated by EMS, but did not require transport.

4700 Block Fulton Street N.W.

August 7, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Firefighters had to evacuate five people from their home in upper Northwest DC after a tree struck the dwelling on Thursday evening, August 7th.

The large tree crashed into the front of the house in the 4700 block of Fulton Street NW, damaging the roof. First arriving units took the occupants out from the rear, and units from the cave-in task force evaluated the dwelling's structural stability.

There were no injuries in the incident.

Members of Engine Company 22 Receive a Certificate of Appreciation

August 2014

Interim DCFEMS Chief Eugene A. Jones addresses and congratulates members from Engine 22 for their excellent work in responding to a critical medical call on the morning of July 27, 2014 and resuscitating a patient.

(Left to right) Firefighter/EMT Patrick M. Garrot, Firefighter/Paramedic Jason A. Korpon, and Firefighter/Technician Ellis Pollard Members from E-22 were recognized for resuscitating a patient.

14th & H St's N.E.

August 6, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

One man is dead after his vehicle crashed at a high rate of speed and caught fire in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday, August 6th.

DC firefighters had to extinguish the flames and cut the victim from the wreck, which took place shortly before 4 AM at 14th and H Streets NE.

Witnesses said the vehicle was traveling at least 100 miles an hour when it struck a pole, went airborne, hit a traffic light and burst into fire when it slammed to the ground. The driver was its only occupant.

A full rescue assignment operated at the scene.

450 5th Street N.W.

August 4, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Units from Engine 2’s firehouse did not have far to go when fire broke out in the McDonald’s down the block on Monday, August 4th.

Flames broke out around 6:30 PM in a bathroom of the restaurant, located on the first floor of a hi-rise commercial building at 450 5th Street NW.

The incident was quickly contained with a box alarm assignment.

3400 Block Alabama Avenue S.E.

August 4, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

DC Fire and EMS units had to call for a medevac to fly out a severely injured dirt bike rider on Monday afternoon, August 4th.

The victim suffered traumatic injuries from an accident while riding in the 3400 block of Alabama Avenue SE around 2:45 PM.

Engine 15 assisting initially dispatched units by setting up a landing zone for the US Park Police helicopter at 4th Street and Mississippi Avenue SE.

Bates Road N.E. Trash Facility

August 3, 2014: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Sunday afternoon the Box was dispatched for the D.C. Trash Disposal Facility on Bates Road N.E. Upon arrival, units had heavy fire and smoke from a large area of debris and tires.

Due to the long layouts and low water pressure a special alarm was sounded for four more engines and the Rehab with Vito and Elliot. Wagon Pipes and Ladder Pipes were put in service and companies remained on the scene for several hours.

200 K Street N.E.

August 2, 2014: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Early Saturday evening, August 2nd, the motor vehicle rescue assignment was dispatched for the 200 block of K Street N.E.

Upon arrival, Engine 3 advised of a multiple vehicle accident with one trapped and several injured. Rescue Squad 1 immediately went to work stabilizing and starting the extrication with cutters and tools.

The operation took about 30 minutes and 6 EMS units were needed to handle the injured. Truck 13 was also on the scene with the Special Ops BFC.

Protesters Arrested At Freedom Plaza

August 2, 2014: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

It was just another summer day in our Nations Capital when the High Angle Rescue Assignment was dispatched to Freedom Plaza for the report of protestors on top of flag poles with protest banners.

The assignment: Rescue Squad's 1 and 2 , Engine 2, Truck 10, Haz-Mat 1, and the Special Ops Battalion Chief arrived on the scene with 2 protestors atop 2 different flag poles.

Truck 10 put up their ladder and a member of Squad 1 went up to handle the situation. After a little help both flag pole climbers were brought down and arrested.



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