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Updates are made throughout the month and placed in date order. 

DCFD and the Blizzard of 2016

Firefighters extinguish an auto at 15th and D Street's N.E.

Danny Leanza Celebrates 30 Years

January 21, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Friends, family and fellow Firefighters gathered at Engine 11 on Thursday evening, January 21, to honor Sergeant Danny Leanza for 30 years of service to the District of Columbia Fire Department.

Danny was treated to a surprise dinner and awarded a plaque for his ongoing dedication to the agency.

Leanza spent much of his career at Engine 6 during some of its busiest years, and is currently the 4th Battalion aide on # 4 platoon.

2505 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.

January 21, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

A worker was critically injured and two others hurt to a lesser extent at a collapse in the Glover Park neighborhood Thursday, January 21st.

Work was in progress on a facade wall at 2505 Wisconsin Avenue NW around 12:30 PM when it fell onto an occupied scissor lift. The critically injured victim was pinned in the lift by debris, and had to be extricated by special ops personnel.

The two other patients were struck by falling debris.

212 Bates Street N.W.

January 20, 2016: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos By Trevor James & Others

A street that saw lots of fire action in days gone by had a fiery blast from the past Wednesday morning, January 20th.

The safety officer was driving in the Shaw neighborhood around 9:30 AM when smoke in the area caught his attention. A search led him to 212 Bates Street NW, where flames were billowing from the top floor of a two story, occupied middle row dwelling.

The box was requested, and quickly escalated to a working fire dispatch. Despite the initial heavy fire conditions, the blaze was contained to the second floor of the original dwelling. All of the occupants safely escaped.

1900 S Street N.W.

January 20, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

An overturned car in the Dupont Circle area brought a rescue assignment to the scene on Wednesday morning, January 20th.

The wreck took place in the 9 AM hour in the 1900 block of S Street NW.

Despite the report of entrapment, the occupant was able to safely escape the vehicle without serious injury.

1263 Meigs Place N.E.

January 19, 2016: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

Facing wind chills below zero, DC firefighters battled yet another furnace induced blaze, this time in the Trinidad neighborhood, on Tuesday, January 19th.

The fire took place in the wee hours of the morning at 1263 Meigs Place NE, a two story, four unit, occupied apartment building. A box alarm assignment arrived around 2:40 AM to find flames eating their way in the flooring below a second floor apartment furnace.

A working fire dispatch was sounded, as units opened up to find extension into the apartment below. It took around 45 minutes before all the hidden fire was revealed, and the blaze could be declared under control. All searches proved negative.

1325 -28 Bryant Street N.E.

January 18, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Two fires, hours apart in the same block, highlight the plague of furnace caused fires to hit the District in the past week.

The blazes, at 1325 and 1328 Bryant Street NE, took place in the early morning hours of Monday, January 18, as single digit wind chills pushed heating devices into overdrive.

Both fires involved similar two story occupied apartment buildings, where flames originated in flooring beneath the furnaces and began to spread. Working fire dispatches were required for both incidents.

The Wednesday before, at 1007 16th Street NE, another working fire was sounded for a two story row, where a blaze originated under similar circumstances. The following day, fire that originated in the flooring beneath a furnace at 4112 1st Street SE also required a working fire assignment. That building was a 2 up, 2 down apartment structure similar to the Bryant Street locations.

In many of these cases, furnaces that have been operating for years cause carbonization of the wood flooring beneath, which eventually ignites.

1017 7th Street N.E.

January 17, 2016: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

A blaze that tore thru the rear porch of a Northeast home and threatened exposures was nipped in the bud by DC's Bravest early Sunday morning, January 17th.

A box alarm was sounded shortly before 12:30 AM for 1017 7th Street NE. When firefighters arrived, the back porch of the two story row home was engulfed in flames, and the working fire dispatch was immediately requested.

The fire did extend somewhat into the interior of the first and second floors before being brought under control. All searches proved negative, and there were no reported injuries.

Longworth Building

January 15, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

DC Fire and EMS joined forces with their counterparts on the Capital Police hazmat team in dealing with an incident at a House office building Friday morning, January 15th.

Units were dispatched to the Longworth Building around 11 AM for the report of people feeling ill. They arrived to find several cafeteria employees complaining of symptoms. Work had been done in the cafeteria overnight, and there was some concern that lead paint may have been involved.

EMS evaluated a number of people, and eight were transported. Working in a unified command structure, with the Special Operations Deputy in charge of DC Fire, the hazmat teams took readings. The incident was eventually placed back in the hands of Capital officials.

Eastern & Olive N.E.

January 14, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Six people had to be transported to area hospitals after a multi car wreck in the Deanwood neighborhood on Thursday evening, January 14th.

Units were dispatched at 5:39 PM for the accident at Eastern Avenue and Olive Street NE.

Five vehicles were involved, and although there was no entrapment, a number of people were hurt, non seriously.

Additional EMS were requested, so that six patients could be transported.

1260 21st Street N.W.

January 12, 2016: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

6th Battalion firefighters dealt with a car fire in an underground parking garage on Monday afternoon, January 12th.

The blaze broke out around 3:45 PM in the P-1 level of an occupied multi story apartment building at 1260 21st NW. Engine 1 marked on the scene with smoke showing from the garage, and a working fire dispatch was requested.

Sprinklers activated and contained the flames until a line could be brought into position for final extinguishment. Smoke from the fire drifted to several floors of the building, requiring extensive ventilation work.

All searches were negative, and there were no injuries.

3760 Minnesota Avenue N.E.

1/10/16 WFD 100 blk of 36th Street N.E. Fire showing from the rear of a 2 up 2 down fire on the 2nd floor with extension to the delta exposure with a Report of people trapped fire Knocked checking for extension primary, secondary negative command holding 2+2

Posted by DCFD Rescue 3 on Monday, January 11, 2016

January 10, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Reports of people trapped proved unfounded as fire ripped through a Northeast apartment on Sunday evening,  January 10th.

The blaze was reported around 10:40 PM in a two story apartment building at 3760 Minnesota Ave NE.  Flames were rolling from second floor windows when firefighters arrived.

A working fire dispatch was sounded and units moved in with interior lines. The blaze did extend to the roof line of exposure B before being declared under control.

There were no injuries, but the Red Cross had to be called for several displaced residents.

Captain Jim Seavey Retires

January 2016: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Thursday evening January 7th the quarters of Engine 22 and Truck 11 was packed with an amazing array of fellow firefighters, friends, and family to wish Captain Jim Seavey a well deserved and happy retirement.

Jim served the DCFD for 30 years including station assignments at Truck 1, Engine 16, Engine 17 and retiring as the Captain of Truck 11. Jim is a true legend and will be missed, his rather large set of shoes will not be easily filled.

The dinner handled by the firefighters of Engine 22 and Truck 11 was beyond amazing, it included Maine Lobster, Prime Rib and Jumbo Shrimp, accompanied by an array of other great dishes and desserts.

To Jimmy and his wife Mary, all of our best to you both for good health, happiness and a joyous retirement.

To the Firefighters of Engine 22 and Truck 11, this was truly an amazing job to celebrate the career of such a good family man and firefighter.

To Mike Murphy's sisters the owners of Capital City Cheesecake in Takoma Park, the desserts were heavenly and to Steve Kevan our cook, another great job.

427 Lebaum Street S.E.

January 8, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy Engine 25 & Rescue Squad 3

January fire activity in the District continued unabated with a blaze in the 3rd Battalion Friday morning, January 8th.

The latest outbreak involved a two story, semi detached home at 427 Lebaum Street SE. It was reported around 8:40 AM.

The first floor was heavily involved, and as the fire attack began, it became apparent there was also fire in the basement.

A working fire dispatch was sounded, and an aggressive interior assault on the flames achieved a knockdown.

All searches of the house were negative.

Thank You Captain Ed Smith

January 6, 2016: By Elliot J Goodman

Wednesday evening members of Rescue Squad 1 from all 4 platoons gathered to throw an appreciation dinner for Captain Ed Smith of Rescue Squad 1, this being his last tour before his new assignment at the Office of The Fire Chief.

Ed served 10 years at Squad 1 and has been the very best Officer, Firefighter, Union President and friend to all. He will be missed and we all wish him the best in his new assignment.

To Mike the "DAWG" Skahill, another great dinner catered !

17th & Euclid Street N.W.

January 6, 2016: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Wednesday afternoon, DC Firefighters responded to 17th and Euclid Street N.W., upon arrival found a critically injured construction worker at a construction site and approximately 5 stories below grade.

EMS and Firefighters immediately went to work to stabilize the patient, he was transported to ground level by T-Crane where he was transported.

Units on the scene were Rescue Squad 2, Truck 9, Engine 21, SPOPSBFC, and EMS Units.

202 M Street S.E.

January 6, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

An ammonia leak at a community skating rink set the stage for a hazmat response on Wednesday morning, January 6th.

The hazmat assignment was dispatched to 202 M Street SE around 7 AM, after a system safety alarm alerted staff to a possible discharge of anhydrous ammonia.

The area was isolated and hazmat personnel suited up to make entry and mitigate the danger. The decon task force and Rehab Unit were also requested to the scene.

Once inside, the recon team determined that the safety systems had performed well, shutting down the system with only a minor release.

The hazmat team dealt with the relatively small discharge, after which the scene was transferred over to a clean up contractor.

4612 Hillside Road S.E.

January 6, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Photo Courtesy Rescue Squad 3

As 6th Battalion units were dealing with their basement fire early Wednesday morning, the 3rd Battalion was battling one of their own.

That fire took place in a two story apartment building at 4612 Hillside Road SE. Flames were found in the floor between the basement and street level.

The blaze was contained with a box alarm assignment.

1838 Vermont Avenue N.W.

January 6, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Firefighters working in the bitter cold of the predawn hours tackled a house fire on Wednesday morning, January 6th.

Units on a box alarm assignment found smoke inside an occupied, two story row house at 1838 Vermont Avenue NW.

Searching for the source, they discovered flames creeping inside a wall alongside the chimney between the basement and first floors.

The wall was opened up and the fire contained and extinguished before it could continue its spread upwards.

There were no injuries reported.

7700 16th Street N.W.

January 5, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

The onset of very cold winter weather has brought with it a corresponding increase in chimney fires and other heating appliance incidents.

Such a blaze took place shortly before midnight on Tuesday, January 5th. Units arrived in the 7700 block of 16th Street NW to find burning embers leaping from the chimney stack of a large detached home.

There was active fire inside, and dry chemical was used to extinguish the flames, while thermal imagers were utilized to check the walls for extension. None was encountered, and the incident was controlled with a box alarm assignment.

A few hours later, fire originating around a furnace at 735 Quincy Street NE required a box and working fire dispatch.

2943 Tilden Street N.W.

January 5, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

Fire in the walls of a Northwest home brought a box and working fire dispatch to the scene on Tuesday night, January 5th.

The fire was reported just before 11 PM in a two story duplex at 2943 Tilden Street NW.

Flames were confined to walls on the second floor and quickly brought under control. Searches of the home were negative.

1408 Delafield Place N.W.

January 4, 2016: Story By Vito Maggiolo

It was a close call for several DC firefighters as a fierce wind swept blaze devoured a house in the Fourth Battalion on Monday night, January 4th.

Wind chills were dropping to single digits when, around 8:30 PM, a box was sounded for 1408 Delafield Place NW. First due Engine 24 arrived on the scene and reported "the entire second floor is on fire" in a large 2.5 story detached frame house.

Flames had already spread into the attic,  and a working fire dispatch was sounded as units became engaged in an interior firefight. With little warning, the first floor suddenly became heavily involved in what appeared to be a flashover. Conditions inside deteriorated rapidly, and when one company officer could not account for two members, a mayday was sounded, evacuation orders given, and the second alarm was transmitted.

Despite dire conditions, all firefighters were able to safely remove themselves from the now fully involved home, and all personnel were safely accounted for. At that point, an exterior attack was put into play, knocking down the flames until it was again safe to renew the interior attack.

It took a considerable amount of time to extinguish the large pockets of fire before the blaze could finally be declared under control.

The Canteen and Rehab Units manned by the Friendship Fire Association responded on the second alarm, helping to provide warmth and refreshments to the firefighters working in the bitter cold.

3305 13th Street N.W.

January 4, 2016: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos By Vito Maggiolo & Others

DC firefighters were able to quickly contain a blaze that erupted on the rear porch of a Columbia Heights home Monday, January 4th.

The fire was reported in the 10 AM hour in the 3300 block of 13th Street NW. Flames were encountered on the first floor rear porch of the occupied two story row house, and spread slightly into the second floor before being brought under control.

All searches were negative.

Firefighter - Technician Kevin Adams Retires

January 2, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

January 2nd marked the final shift for Firefighter Kevin Adams, Engine 5 Wagon Driver on #1 Platoon.

He is retiring after a 30 year career, ending at the same company where he was appointed. His smile and generous personality will be missed.

1900 15th Street N.W.

January 2, 2016: Story & Photos By Vito Maggiolo

The U Street corridor was the scene of DC's second fire of the New Year on Saturday afternoon, January 2nd.

The blaze erupted in a three story occupied apartment building at 1900 15th Street NW. Firefighters encountered fire in a second floor unit, and a working fire dispatch was requested.

The flames were contained to the area of origin, and were controlled without injuries.

2204 40th Street N.W.

January 1, 2016: By Vito Maggiolo

For the second time in a row, the 5th Battalion welcomed in the New Year with a second alarm on January 1st. 2016 was less than five hours old when the box was sounded for 2204 40th Street NW, a two story apartment building.

First arriving units encountered heavy fire showing from the first and second floors in the rear, with an enclosed wooden back porch involved. Due to the fire conditions and potential life hazard, the 5th Chief immediately sounded a working fire dispatch and second alarm.

An interior attack utilizing several attack lines was quick to knock down the blaze. Searches of the entire building proved negative.



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