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DCFD Hosts IAFF Burn Camp Luncheon

September 28, 2015: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Today the DCFD had the great honor of hosting a luncheon at the quarters of Rescue Squad 1 and Engine 2 for about 100 attendees of the IAFF's annual burn camp.

Every year burn survivors from all over the USA and Canada visit our Nation's Capital to tour the White House and so many other landmarks.

This years event also hosted by Local 36 and the D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation was a super event and the luncheon of course cooked by "The Dawg" Skahill and Captain Smitty was delicious.

All were given DCFD Tees and there were many dignitaries as well.

To all that worked so hard to make this another great success, job well done !

VRE Train Accident

September 24, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Four people were transported to area hospitals by DC Fire and EMS after a VRE train sideswiped a work truck on the right of way Thursday, September 24.

The train, carrying only its crew, was traveling northbound when it struck the truck around 11:45 AM in the area of 14th Street SW, behind the Mandarin Hotel.

An engine and medic unit were initially dispatched, but an alert company officer read the incident notes and requested the full assignment for a possible train wreck.

Firefighters arrived to find the vehicle had been dragged into the adjacent tunnel. Fortunately there was no fire, derailment, or hazardous materials involved.

The four transported included the trains three crew members and the truck driver, none of whom suffered life threatening injuries.

Metro Tunnel Emergency

September 22, 2015: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

DC Firefighters responded shortly after 6 PM for the report of a Metro Train that had lost power in the tunnel at the Petworth Station.

The train had approximately 150 passengers on board. Due to the complex situation of the train in the tunnel and the amount of passengers on board , the incident went to 3 Alarms to bring the help needed to safely evacuate the train.

All passengers were removed without injury once power was confirmed off.

RFK Stadium

September 21, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Smoke coming from parking lot 6 at RFK Stadium signaled the start of a five hour saga for DC firefighters on Monday, September 21st.

The smoke was billowing from a blazing underground transformer in an electrical power substation for the Metro system. The transformer and other associated electrical equipment was below grade in a concrete vault, making a fire attack difficult.

Further complicating efforts to extinguish the blaze was a major delay in securing all power to the vault. When that was finally accomplished, firefighters used purple K powder to extinguish the flames, supplied by one of the twinned agent units as well as foam unit 2, which were called to the scene as part of the foam unit task force. The hazmat as well as the Canteen and Rehab Units also operated at the fire.

The original call was received around 7:15 AM, and it was not declared under control until 1:45 in the afternoon. The incident also caused all metro rail traffic to cease in the area of the Stadium Armory station.

2212 I Street N.W.

September 12, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

For the second time in less than a week, DC firefighters were called to a dormitory fire on the George Washington University campus.

The latest incident took place around 2 PM on Saturday, September 12th at Munson Hall, 2212 I Street NW.

The small blaze involved a kitchen on the top floor of the eight story building, producing heavy smoke conditions.

All the students had safely evacuated, and the fire was held with a box alarm assignment.

September 11, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

As they have for many years now, the members of Engine 15 and Rescue Squad 3 planted 343 miniature American flags outside their quarters on the anniversary of 9/11 to honor the members of FDNY who sacrificed their lives that tragic day.

14th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attack

September 11, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Mayor Muriel Bowser and members of the city council commemorated the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with a visit to the Quarters of Engine 16, Truck 3 and the 6th Battalion.

The mayor and councilwoman Mary M. Cheh addressed the assembled firefighters, noting the bravery that took place not only on 9/11, but every day in the nations capital, as well as the rest of the nation.

The assembled council members than joined together to read a formal resolution honoring the men and women of the fire service, and their actions and sacrifice that tragic day. 

Council woman Cheh also spent much of the day visiting several fire stations on the 5th Battalion, which serves her district.

Potomac River Rescue

September 8, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

DC Fire and Metropolitan Police Harbor units worked hand in hand to recover a drowning victim from the waters of the Potomac early Tuesday evening, September 8th.

The drama took place when a man took off his clothes and went into the river at the Georgetown Harbor complex dock.

Numerous witnesses saw the victim go under, and their calls brought a combined water and land based rescue assignment to the scene.

After about a 20 minute search, MPD divers discovered the victim beneath the surface. He was brought ashore and into the hands of EMS personnel, and resuscitation efforts were initiated.

George Washington University

September 8, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Although it presented a spectacular sight in the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 8th, a blaze on the roof of George Washington University's Fulbright Hall was quickly controlled.

The flames were reported around 3:15 AM atop the eight story dormitory at 2223 H Street NW.

As students safely evacuated the building, firefighters on the box alarm assignment trekked to the roof to find a large wooden deck involved.

The blaze was extinguished before it could spread beyond the decking.

414 Elm Street N.W.

September 4, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Photo Courtesy Jarrid Gaston

A small fire in a row house near Howard University brought a box alarm assignmemt to the scene on Friday, September 4th.

The incident took place shortly before 9 PM at 414 Elm Street NW, on the top floor of the three story middle of the row.

The flames were quickly contained, and all searches were negative.

Recruit Class 373

September 4, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Ten new firefighter paramedics joined the ranks of the DC Fire and EMS Department as graduation ceremonies were held for Recruit Class 373.

The graduation took place at the DC Fire training academy as proud family members looked on.

These newest additions to the force will help fill the void in staffing for paramedic suppression units as well as ALS transports.

5521 3rd Street N.W.

September 2, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Fire showing from a two story corner row house greeted Fourth Battalion firefighters on Wednesday morning, September 2nd.

The blaze involved the second floor at 5521 3rd Street NW, and was reported shortly after 9 AM.

A working fire dispatch joined box alarm units in bringing the blaze under control without injuries. All searches of the home proved negative.

Half & T Street S.W.

September 1, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

Fire in a building at the old Pepco power plant complex in Southwest brought a box and working fire assignmemt as well as several special units to the scene Tuesday morning, September 1.

The blaze was reported in the basement of the sprawling structure in the 9 AM hour.

Lack of windows in the building made ventilation difficult, and there were also concerns about energized equipment and possible asbestos contamination.

As a result, the hazmat unit was assigned and set up a decon area, and twinned agent unit 1 was called in case water could not be used on the flames.

Additionally, Fireboats 1 and 2 also docked close by if needed.
It was finally determined the fire was relatively small and was extinguished by conventional means.

The heat of the day also brought out the Rehab Unit, which provided rehydration and cooling to exhausted firefighters.



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