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South Capitol Street S.E.

September 13, 2014: Courtesy DCFD Rescue 3

03:15 Hours, 1 pinned on South Capitol Street SE near Nats Park.

4089 Minnesota Avenue N.E.

September 12, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Units responding on a metro station box alarm encountered something quite different on Friday afternoon, September 12th.

As companies were racing to the Minnesota Avenue station shortly before 4 PM, communications advised them that the fire was now reported as a building behind the station.

The blaze was in fact at ‎4089 Minnesota Avenue NE, with fire already blowing from two windows on the top floor of the occupied three story apartment building.

Firefighters quickly initiated an interior attack and beat down the flames in a fairly short time.

Union Station

September 10, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Vehicle fires in public facilities seemed to be the pattern on Wednesday, September 10, after flames broke out in the parking garage at Union Station.

The noontime blaze erupted on the third level of the transportation hub at 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE. The biggest challenge facing firefighters was establishing a dependable water supply. Three vehicles were eventually involved before the fire could be controlled.

There were no injuries.

DC Convention Center

September 10, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

A truck ablaze in an underground garage at the DC Convention Center caused a heavy smoke condition inside on Wednesday morning, September 10th.

The fire erupted in the massive complex at 801 Mount Vernon Square around 8:30 AM, bringing a box alarm assignment to the scene.

Although sprinklers contained the fire, hand lines had to be brought into play to finally extinguish the blaze. An additional truck company was also requested in order to deal with considerable smoke in the large structure.

DCFD Honor Guard Participates in National Fallen Firefighters Ceremony at U.S. Capital

September 9, 2014: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

This afternoon, September 9th, the DCFD Honor Guard was part of a new ceremony this year that will honor the Fallen Firefighters that were killed in the line of duty this past year.

Flags were flown at the U.S. Capital, one for each firefighter was transported by a Pierce Pumper with a police escort to Emmitsburg for the ceremony next month.

Speechs were given by several Congressman including our own friend of the firefighters, Stenny Hoyer.

The embarrassing legacy of Kenneth Ellerbe, 40% of DC’s ladder trucks fail inspection & are sidelined

September 8, 2014: Story By

It was announced last night (Sunday) that forty percent of the ladder trucks in the District of Columbia have been taken out of service because of failed ladder inspections. This latest news from the fire department protecting your Nation’s Capital is shameful and embarrassing. It was also totally predictable.

I’ve never been a fire chief, yet I knew, without a doubt, this day would be coming. Somehow the man who was the chief of the District of Columbia Fire & EMS Department for more than three years never showed a bit of concern that this would be a problem.


295 Near Pennsylvania Avenue S.E.

September 6, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Two people were killed when their car and a DC municipal dump truck collided on I-295 Saturday morning, September 6th.

The wreck occurred on the northbound side of the highway near Pennsylvania Avenue SE in the 9 AM hour. A rescue assignment arrived to find two severely pinned in the smoking wreckage of the auto, and the dump truck lying on its side.

Battalion 3 took command and requested a second rescue squad, the hazmat unit and two additional medic units.

It took an extended extrication to remove the two trapped occupants, one of whom was declared dead on the scene, and the other who died after being transported CPR to the hospital.

Both occupants of the dump truck were also taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

4024 Arkansas Avenue N.W.

September 6, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

An already hot and humid day was made worse for DC firefighters as they battled a blazing home in Northwest on Saturday afternoon, September 6th.

The blaze was reported around 2:15 PM and involved the second floor of a three story, middle row dwelling at 4024 Arkansas Avenue NW.

Fire was showing on arrival, and a working fire dispatch brought additional units to the scene above the original box alarm assignment.

There was slight extension to the exposure B porch before the blaze was brought under control in about 20 minutes.

All human occupants safely escaped, and a dog was rescued by firefighters, much to the delight of spectators.

509 7th Street N.W.

September 4, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy of DC Fire & EMS

Shortly before midnight on Thursday, September 4th, DC metropolitan police requested the assistance of DC Fire in removing a mentally challenged individual from a downtown roof top.

The incident took place at 509 7th Street NW. Although the person was already in PD hands, he could not be easily removed from the top of the building.

A high angle assignment responded under the command of the special operations battalion, and safely and successfully brought the subject to the ground.

330 51st Street S.E.

Courtesy of DC Fire & EMS

Throughout the year, the Department will highlight different apparatus units on various platoons.

Rescue Squad 3, housed at 2101 14th St. Street SE, is one of three heavy rescue units in Washington, D.C. tasked with saving lives.

On Friday, August 29, 2014 members of Platoon 2 went into action and responded to a box alarm for smoke coming from the second floor of a semi-detached home in the 300blk of 51st Street SE.

Each member on the unit was completely silent while en route, but all listened intently to the radio chatter for real-time updates on fire conditions at the scene.

Once on the scene, members quickly went into action and raced into the structure conducting a primary search for possible victims. After a complete search the structure was cleared and no injuries were reported.

A good ending for a tragic situation.

645 46th Street S.E.

September 3, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Shelter in place was the name of the game as flames tore thru an apartment in far Southeast DC on Wednesday morning, September 3rd.

The‎ blaze erupted around 7 AM at 645 46th Street SE, a three story occupied structure. Fire was showing on arrival from the second floor with people calling for rescue on the floor above.

A working fire dispatch was sounded as firefighters raced inside to battle the flames and assist the trapped residents.

The fire was successfully confined to the second floor, but several residents, some of whom were children preparing to depart for school, were evaluated on the scene by EMS.

4419 Illinois Avenue N.W.

September 2, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

As severe storms swept through the DC area on Tuesday evening, September 2nd, units were dispatched on a box alarm to 4419 Illinois Avenue NW for a house struck by lightning.

Companies arrived and determined that lightning had indeed hit the two story home, damaging the chimney, but there was no fire involved.

1600 Block Butler Street S.E.

September 2, 2014: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Units in the 3rd battled a basement fire on Tuesday, September 2nd.

The fire erupted in a garden style occupied apartment building in the 1600 block of Butler Street SE during the late afternoon.

It was contained to the basement and no injuries were reported

Members Receive Recognition

Members of Engine 31 received recognition from Chief Jones for saving an unresponsive citizen on August 1st.



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