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771 19th Street N.E.

March 27, 2015: Story & Photos By: Elliot J Goodman

Late Friday evening DC Firefighters were dispatched for the report of a house on fire at 771 19th St. N.E., and as units were responding, reports of multiple calls and people trapped were transmitted to them.

Within minutes Engine 10 and Truck 13 arrived on the scene with smoke showing on the 1st and 2nd floors with a working fire in the basement. Immediately Firefighters began their search, and shortly Truck 13 located the trapped victim unconscious. The victim was rushed out of the building by Truck 13 and Squad 1.

Firefighter Paramedics on the scene administered ALS procedures and the victim was transported in life threatening condition to the hospital, along with 3 other occupants. Other companies went right to work suppressing the fire and ventilating.

Another professional and great job by the Firefighters and EMS personnel that protect our Nations Capital everyday.

Note: It was Engine 10's 2nd fire that day with a house fire and people trapped.

1109 19th Street N.E.

March 27, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photo Courtesy Trinidad House

One civilian was rushed to the hospital with smoke inhalation and a firefighter injured during an apartment fire in Northeast on Friday, March 27th.

The blaze was reported in the 6 AM hour at 1109 19th Street NE, a three story apartment building. Flames were billowing out two top floor windows.

A working fire dispatch was sounded, and firefighters rescued two residents by ground ladders.

The fire was controlled with minor extension beyond the original apartment. It took place in an area that was already impacted by a large power outage.

Battalion Fire Chief Bernie Holt Retires

March 26, 2015: Story & Photos By: Elliot J Goodman

Thursday evening, March 26th, hundreds of friends, relatives, and fellow firefighters, both active and retired joined Chief Bernie Holt in celebrating his excellent 30 year career with the District of Columbia Fire Department.

Chief Holt, a well respected, excellent firefighter worked his way up to the rank of Battalion Fire Chief of Special Operations.

Bernie's great love of course the Rescue Squads, all showed up to wish him a great retirement along with many other companies from all around the city.

We all wish Chief Holt the very best in health and happiness throughout the years to come, and certainly thank him for all he has done for the citizens of Washington, D.C. and all of us from his DCFD Family.

806 7th Street N.W.

March 25, 2015: Story & Photos By: Vito Maggiolo

A fire accidentally started by workers damaged the roof of a Chinatown building Wednesday morning, March 25th.

The small blaze took place at 806 7th Street NW, a three story mixed occupancy structure housing the popular Fa Do Irish pub on the first floor.

A box alarm assignment was able to confine the flames to a small section of roofing.

2237 33rd Street N.E.

March 24, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photos By John Emmimizer

A large construction vehicle burning at its company's complex in Northeast DC sent up a black cloud of smoke visible for miles around.

The fire broke out Tuesday, March 24, shortly after 3 PM, on the property of the Fort Myer Construction Corporation at 2237 33rd Street NE.

Engine 26 arrived to find the truck fully involved with fire already extended to a propane tank. Additional units were dispatched under the command of battalion 1, including the hazmat.

It took a dual attack with a wagon pipe and foam line to control the blaze. The hazmat unit worked to contain runoff from entering a nearby creek.

5427 5th Street N.W.

March 24, 2015: Story & Photos By: Vito Maggiolo

Fire in a carryout brought a box and working fire dispatch to the scene on Tuesday, March 24th.

The blaze broke out around 10:50 AM in a one story commercial building at 5427 5th Street NW.

Flames originated in the kitchen and spread up the duct work to the roof.

It was brought under control without injury.

1142 16th Street N.E.

March 22, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photos By Vito Maggiolo & Trinidad House

Firefighters made quick work of a late afternoon house fire in Trinidad on Sunday, March 22nd.

Smoke was coming from a first floor window when box alarm companies arrived at 1142 16th Street NE around 5:30 PM.

Units made entry and found the kitchen involved on the first floor of the two story, occupied row house.

The blaze was extinguished with no extension and no injuries.

Dedication Ceremony

March 21, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy DC Fire & EMS

Members of DC Fire and EMS were honored at a dedication ceremony reopening 3145 Mount Pleasant Street NW on Saturday, March 21st.

In March 2008, this building was gutted by a five alarm blaze in which scores of residents were safely evacuated or rescued by DC firefighters.

Senior department officials and members of units that responded that night joined Mayor Bowser, community leaders, and residents reoccupying the multi story apartment building. Many of them were original tenants from the time of the fire.

DC firefighters Local 36 president Ed Smith and interim DC Fire Chief Edward Mills were presented with framed plaques containing wood from the original structure by Joel Lopez of the Mount Pleasant community.

Salty Throwbacks

5920 Foote Street N.E.

March 22, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy Trinidad House

The quiet of a Sunday morning was interrupted by fire erupting from a Northeast apartment building March 22nd.

The blaze broke out on the second floor of 5920 Foote Street NE shortly after 9:30 AM.

A working fire dispatch was sounded as units attacked the flames and searched for any occupants trapped in the occupied building.

The fire was controlled before it could extend to the floor above, and all searches proved negative.

Ben Self Gets a Birthday Visit

March 2015

The DCFD Emerald Society Pipes and Drums paid a visit to retired fireman Ben Self's home on Tuesday March 17th and played for him on his Birthday.

6402 16th Street N.W.

March 20, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

DC firefighters dealt with a fully involved garage in the predawn hours of Friday, March 20th.

The large detached structure in the rear of 6402 16th Street NW was reported ablaze around 5:30 AM.

A working fire dispatch was sounded due to a home exposed on side C. Engine 22 attacked the fire while Engine 24 kept a protective line on the exposure.

The flames were quickly extinguished with no injuries.

National Fire Dog Monument Vandalized

March 19, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

A despicable act of vandalism took place overnight on March 18 when someone desecrated the National Fire Dog Monument in the rear of Engine 2 at 5th and F Streets NW.

Firefighters arriving for work March 19 found the statue marred by blue paint with the letters KKK at the base. Additionally, piles of trash had been placed on or about vehicles in the adjacent firehouse parking lot.

The Metropolitan police are investigating the crime, and DC firefighters Local 36 is working with FD leadership and city officials to repair the damage.

The statue was put in place and dedicated in 2013 to honor America's fire service arson dogs and K-9 teams. It was funded by State Farm Insurance.

3808 Veazy Street N.W.

March 19, 2015: Story & Photos By: Vito Maggiolo

An engine company in the right place at the right time averted a serious house fire in the Tenleytown neighborhood on Thursday morning, March 19th.

It was shortly after 11 when a box alarm was sounded for 3808 Veazy Street NW, with reported black smoke coming from the home with one possibly inside.

While all engines assigned on the initial alarm were coming from considerable distances, Engine 20, not dispatched, was on the air and literally around the corner.

They arrived immediately to find smoke showing, and quickly got a line on fire involving a floor buffing machine that ignited on the first floor.

The house was charged with heavy smoke, and the occupant had safely escaped, but the flames were stopped in their tracks before the structure became involved.

3717 Georgia Avenue N.W.

March 18, 2015: Story & Photos By: Vito Maggiolo

Fourth Battalion firefighters dealt with a blaze on the busy Georgia Avenue corridor Wednesday, March 18th.

The fire took place in a mixed occupancy two story row building at 3717 Georgia Avenue NW around 1:15 PM.

Although smoke conditions were initially encountered in an adjacent one story market, the fire was traced back to the walls of an English basement store in the original fire structure.

The incident was handled by a box and working fire dispatch. There were no injuries.

1700 M Street N.W.

March 17, 2015: Story & Photos By: Vito Maggiolo

A large gas main break in downtown DC brought a sizeable response from DC Fire on Saint Patrick's Day. A private contractor breached the line in the 1700 block of M Street NW shortly before 11 AM.

The original outside gas leak assignment was upgraded to a hazmat box alarm due to the size of the main and gas entering adjacent structures. Exposures were evacuated while precautionary hand lines were positioned and basements metered for gas.

It took over an hour before Washington Gas was able to isolate the main and shut down the flow, ending the danger.

215 Constitution Avenue N.E.

March 14, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

A capital hill apartment building was the scene of a working fire dispatch Saturday evening, March 14th.

First arriving box alarm companies reported fire showing from the roof of the six story building at 215 Constitution Avenue NE around 9:30 PM.

Firefighters worked their way to the roof top to discover the flames involved an air conditioning unit.

Power was cut to the device, and the fire quickly extinguished with no further extension.

4408 Kansas Avenue N.W.

March 12, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photos By Jarrid Gaston & Vito Maggiolo

A report of smoke coming from a chimney turned out to be quite a bit more on Thursday morning, March 12th.

Box alarm units arrived at 4408 Kansas Avenue NW around 11:45 AM to find heavy smoke showing from both floors of a two story, end of row dwelling.

A working fire dispatch was requested as firefighters began opening up and encountered heavy fire in the basement.

Quick work contained the fire to the dwelling of origin, and no injuries were reported. Searches of the structure proved negative.

3736 Kanawah Street N.W.

March 9, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy of John Emminizer

The contents of a safe that remained closed for 40 years was the setting for an unusual hazmat incident on Monday evening, March 9th.

The saga began when owners of a home at 3736 Kanawah Street NW decided to have a safe opened that had been left behind by the previous resident four decades earlier.

Inside, they discovered several undetermined substances, one of which reacted violently with water when they attempted to discard a small amount. The homeowners called authorities, and the special Ops Battalion and hazmat unit conducted an initial recon. Concern over the potential threat resulted in special calls for several additional suppression and EMS units.

Eventually, police and military bomb and bio-hazard experts were called to the scene, along with other agencies. It took over six hours before the scene was considered safe and the materials secured.

4512 Chesapeake Street N.W.

March 8, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photos By Vito Maggiolo & Jarrid Gaston

One firefighter suffered burns battling a house fire in the Tenleytown neighborhood on Sunday afternoon, March 8th.

The blaze tore through the basement of a two story detached, occupied house at 4512 Chesapeake Street NW. It was reported shortly before 5 PM.

A working fire dispatch was sounded as heavy fire in the basement began to extend to the first floor. Compounding the challenges was a defective valve on an engine in the rear that delayed getting water on the flames.

Despite these obstacles, the blaze was controlled before it could spread further.

The burned firefighter was transported to the hospital for treatment.

400 15th Street N.W.

March 7, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

A food cart fire near the White House caused a brief lockdown of the Executive Mansion and delayed a presidential departure Saturday morning, March 7th.

The food truck was parked in the 400 block of 15th Street NW when it went ablaze in the 10 AM hour. A small explosion also took place, and one person was evaluated on the scene by EMS.

Although a routine type of call for DC firefighters, its proximity to the White House caused initial concern to the Secret Service until it was determined the incident posed no unusual threat.

2600 Franklin Street N.E.

March 3, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

Photo courtesy DC Fire and EMS

DC firefighters dealt with an overturned vehicle Tuesday evening, March 3rd.

Units on a rescue assignment arrived at the 2600 block of Franklin Street NE in the 9 PM hour to find a vehicle on its roof with a small fire.

One occupant was evaluated by EMS.

1839 First Street N.W.

March 3, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

A popular Bloomingdale neighborhood restaurant was briefly evacuated Tuesday evening, March 3, after elevated CO readings were discovered within.

A hazmat assignment was dispatched to 1839 First Street NW after a person was reported ill from possible carbon monoxide poisoning.
Readings of 35 PPM led to the removal of patrons from the Rustik restaurant as well as residents from apartments above.

The problem was traced to a wood burning pizza stove. The establishment was then vented and all were allowed to return.

217 35th Street N.E.

March 3, 2015: Story By: Vito Maggiolo

One firefighter suffered injuries after flames swept through the second story of an apartment building on Tuesday, March 3rd.

The fire took place around 5:30 PM in the two story building at 217 35th Street NE.

The blaze was controlled with a box and working fire dispatch assignment. The injured member was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

(Photos courtesy Trinidad House)

770 Kenyon Street N.W.

March 3, 2015: Story & Photos By: Vito Maggiolo

Fifteen children were taken to the hospital after being exposed to pepper spray on Tuesday , March 3rd.

The incident took place that morning at the Caesar Chavez charter school at 770 Kenyon Street NW, but DC Fire was not called until about 2 PM.

Fire and EMS personnel on the initial medical local upgraded the call, and the special operations battalion requested the hazmat unit and a mass casualty medical bus.

One adult and sixteen children were initially evaluated, and fifteen of the students were taken by the medical bus to the hospital for further checkup.

Gregory M. Dean New DC Fire & EMS Chief

March 2, 2015

Mayor Muriel Bowser named Gregory M. Dean as Chief of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS).

“The safety and well-being of District residents is my top priority and FEMS is at the frontlines of this effort. Chief Dean is a proven, collaborative leader who led a department with an international reputation for its fire-based EMS performance. I am certain that he will work with our emergency first responders and the community to move the department forward in exciting ways,” said Mayor Bowser.

“I look forward to working with Mayor Bowser and FEMS providers to deliver efficient and compassionate fire and emergency medical services to the residents in all eight Wards,” said Dean. “We will build on the Department’s strengths and bring a data driven approach that will ensure we are delivering top-notch services 24/7.”

Dean previously served for 10 years as the Fire EMS chief for Seattle, Washington, where he led the administrative and operational functions of a team of 1,150 employees with a $175 million budget. He brings homeland security expertise and a reputation for working well with residents, labor and other stakeholders.

Dean has a proven track record of results. Under his leadership, Seattle and King County, Washington announced in 2014 that its overall cardiac arrest survival rate had reached an all-time high of 62 percent, up from 26 percent in 2002.

Dean is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee. He has served as chair of the Region 6, Homeland Security Administration and Policy Group and was selected for the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Master’s Program at the Naval Post Graduate School.

Honoring Fallen Firefighter Charles M. Chamberlin Jr.

March 1, 2015

Courtesy DC Fire & EMS

Members of the Chamberlin family, D.C. Fire and EMS, the Cleveland Park Citizen's Association, IAFF Local 36, Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, and the Friendship Firefighters Association honored fallen Private Charles M. Chamberlin, Jr. during a 50th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony at the quarters of Engine 28, Truck 14 on Sunday, March 1, 2015.

Private Charles M. Chamberlin, Jr. was appointed on February 1, 1937 and on March 1, 1965, Private Chamberlin died while in the line of duty during a fire in the 3400 block of Connecticut Avenue Northwest.
A plaque was unveiled at the firehouse honoring Private Charles M. Chamberlin, Jr.

For additional photos go to DC Fire & EMS facebook page.



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